Marine Goop Tube 3.7 oz

$11.99/ each

Code: 40-4001

Weatherproof and UV-resistant, Amazing Goop® Marine has been formulated to repair, seal and stick to a wide variety of materials, so it's a contact adhesive that can also be used as a sealant. Use it for easy, permanent repair of punctures and tears in low stress areas on mylar or Dacron sails. Repair batten pockets, wetsuits, boom grips, footstraps and more. Reseal mast tips and plugs.

Goop® Marine dries to a clear, flexible, thermoplastic substance with impressive adhesive qualities. The UV-stabilized marine formula will not yellow or harden. Paint over Amazing Goop® Marine for complete UV resistance. Recommended for fiberglass, metal and cloth; not recommended for use on polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics or on any items that come into contact with food, drinking water or animals.

Working time is 2 to 10 minutes until it partially cures, then allow to dry for about 24 hours. Depending on the materials and the temperature, maximum strength may not be reached for 48 to 72 hours. 3.7 oz. tube.

Air shipment is not available for this item.

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