Aqua Lung Shorty Womens 3mm Back Zip

Sale Price: $44.95/ each

Regular Price: $99.00
Code: 37-175


Aqua Lung's Plunge 3mm, super-flexible women's shorty features 100% 4-way stretch neoprene that stretches to 235% of its original size (compared to 125% for standard neoprene). The smooth-skin chest and back panels reduce evaporative heat loss, while the skin-in seals at neck, arm, and leg openings seal out water to help keep you warm. A heavy-duty back zipper with water dam keeps water from rushing in. Black with light blue shoulders.

Women's Sizing

  • X-Small fits size 5/6, 105-115 lbs., 5'2"-5'4" height, 23"-25" waist, 30"-32" bust
  • Small fits size 7/8, 115-125 lbs., 5'4"-5'6" height, 25"-27" waist, 32"-34" bust
  • Medium fits size 9/10, 125-135 lbs., 5'5"-5'7" height, 27"-29" waist, 34"-36" bust
  • Medium-Large fits 11/12, 135-145 lbs., 5'6"-5'8" height, 29"-31" waist, 36"-38" bust
  • Large fits 13/14, 145-155 lbs., 5'7"-5'9" height, 31"-33" waist, 38"-40" bust

Supply is limited to available stock.

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