Dakine Bruce Iorns Surf Traction Pad

$39.00/ set

Code: 32-1360

The Dakine Burce Iorns pad is a five-piece surfboard deck pad that features a 10mm center arch and 25mm tail kick. The construction is all about the compound. Da Kine's Posi Traction stays grippy in cold water and won't rub your knees raw in warm water. The specially formulated EVA foam retains its specific density and 100% memory in any water temperature. Da Kine uses the best 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive to insure that your pad will never peel off until you want to take it off. 

Measurements 11.75" x 13.25"

Murrays Bruce Irons Pro Pad Review:

The 5 peice pad is great for kitesurfboards allowing you can spread them out to cover any width board and give you some more traction when cheeting forward on your board.  I have been using this with a longboard pad set for my front foot, and with them both on my board it only added 12oz of weight and I never have to wory about wax again, love it.

-Dray Murray

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