Surefoot EVA Grip Kit

$47.00/ each

Code: 30-210



These black, waffle-textured EVA foam strips offer superior traction and are unmatched in durability, especially compared to neoprene. Furthermore, lightweight EVA foam doesn't absorb water the way carpet does, so there is no added weight when it gets wet!

Each kit includes EVA foam strips for sidebars or siderails, one pint of contact cement, 1" brush and instructions. Compare to Hobie Cat® Rail Rug #1671BLK.

Choose from three models:

  • #30-2103 kit for Hobie® 14/16 includes four 4" x 40" strips;
  • #30-2106 kit for Hobie® 18 includes four 3" x 40" strips and four 3" x 20" strips that are die-cut to go around daggerboard rope, shrouds and trapeze bungee;
  • #30-2104 Universal kit has six 3" x 50" strips.
  • Choose between brush on contact cement or 3M Peel & Stick adhesive.

Because of the contact cement, this kit can be shipped by Ground service only.

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