Boat Cover One-Piece Economy

$179.00/ each

Code: 29-01


These lightweight and waterproof basic one-piece covers fit loosely and secure with nylon ribbon ties. The economy covers are not tailored for specific boats, but provide good, basic coverage and are ideal for under messy trees. The economical, 3-ply polyvinyl material has a black interior, a fiber laminate core that effectively resists rips, and silver exterior to reflect heat. The edges are unfinished, so you-cut modifications are OK. These covers are not suitable for trailering.

  • #29-0113 Wave model fits Hobie® Wave.
  • #29-0116 High-crossbar H14, H16 model is for catamarans with raised tramps such as Hobie® 14 and 16.
  • #29-0117 Getaway model covers front tramp; does not cover wings.
  • #29-0118 16-18' Low-Crossbar model fits cats with deck-tramps, such as Hobie® 17, H18, H18Magnum, H18SX, Prindle 16, P18, Nacra 5.0, N5.2.
  • #29-0120 19-20' model fits Hobie® Tiger, Hobie® 20, Prindle 18.2, P19, Nacra 5.5SL, N5.7, N5.8, Inter 18, F18.

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