Ronstan Trapeze Handles Vertical Grip Pair

$39.55/ pair

Code: 21-5122R

Ronstan's new rope-style trapeze handle has an ergonomic, soft-molded vertical grip with large base disc. It was originally developed for use with Dyneema® trap lines, but is just as suitable for wire (it accepts a copper ferrule swaged on a 2.5mm wire in the recess under the disc) and has a hole diameter of 7mm (18/64").

Two-time 29er World champ, ASD 49er sailor and Team Ronstan pilot, Steven Thomas, gives it the thumbs up! "They are GREAT! They are clean and comfortable, easy to hold and easy to see. They also sit over the cleat nicely and don't fly up, even with the wind. I can't believe no one has thought of it before!"

The vertical handles are suitable for use on trapeze dinghies, skiffs and off-the-beach catamarans. Each handle weighs only 3 oz. Pair.

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