Windsurf Adjustable Outhaul Kit

$89.00/ each

Code: 01-9520

Racers and recreational windsurf sailors can adjust outhaul tension "on the fly" for maximum power or speed:

  1. Low gear: Loosen outhaul tension to "power-up" to get going, even in light wind.
  2. Shift to drive: Tighten outhaul to flatten sail for more speed as you get onto a plane and/or more efficiency when heading upwind.
  3. Adjust the outhaul (sail shape) from either side, at any time. Very low friction system helps you to make fine adjustments without disturbing your balance or position.
  4. With the optional triple outhaul pulley and double sail pulley system, you can tighten/flatten the sail, even while overpowered.
  5. The tailpiece of your boom must have a minimum of two roller sheaves. Add-on Harken Air Blocks can be installed, if needed, or to increase purchase power.
  6. Kit includes 2 boom cleats, 2 Ronstan Orbit 20mm blocks, Dyneema low-stretch line and two ball end stops.

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